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JP2 Book Club

St. John Paul II Book Club is a parish member community club that meets once a month. The club pre-selects the books to be read and chooses the chapters for each meeting. During the sessions members openly discuss what they are learning and how the learnings impact different aspects of their lives.

The Book Club offers an opportunity to meet other parish members while at the same time enlightens us on the principles and values of our Catholic Faith.

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Our next book will be The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary: From the Visions of Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich by Anne Catherine Emmerich
Reading plan is:
October 12th- Chapter I. (1-69)
November 9th- Chapter II. & III. (69-118)
December 14th- Chapter IV.-VIII.  (119-167)
January 11th- Chapter IX.-X. (169-223)
February 8th- Chapter XI.-XIII. (224-352)
March 8th- Chapter XIV.-end (353-397)