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Q: What is Open Wide the Doors to Christ capital campaign and when will it restart after COVID19?

A: Open Wide the Doors to Christ capital campaign is the fundraising effort for the initial phase of our parish campus.  We began fundraising in June 2019, however ceased making personal visits to parishioners at the beginning of the pandemic out of prudence for everyone's safety and concern for the uncertain circumstances of our economy and environment.  We are currently working on developing new materials which will be communicated to all parishioners soon.


Q: How are parishioners helping with the campaign?  Can I volunteer to serve on a committee?

A: We have over 70 parishioners who have committed their time and talent to the Open Wide the Doors to Christ capital campaign committees.  Our committees are continually accepting new volunteers to help us reach our goals.  Find out more here.  Want to volunteer?  Contact Dan and Helen Biller, campaign chairs at


Q: What is the fundraising goal for phase one?

A: The original budget for phase one was $12-15 Million dollars.  With revised planning in progress we anticipate that the new goal will be less than the original projection.  It will take some time while the building committee and architect work through some details to obtain a high level estimate.  We will communicate this information when it becomes available.


Q: Where will the dollars come from to build on the parish property?

A: Every parishioner of St. John Paul II Parish will be asked to participate financially in the Open Wide the Doors to Christ capital campaign.  Commitments and donations from our parishioners will be maintained by the parish office.  Funds received for donations to the capital campaign are restricted for that use only.  These funds can not be used for the general operations of the parish.  So it is important to support the parish for both general operations (an annual commitment) and the capital campaign (three to five year commitment).


Q: I already donate to St. John Paul II, do I need to make a commitment to the capital campaign?

A: A commitment to the capital campaign is different than a commitment to the general operations of the parish.  A capital campaign commitment is an addition commitment to the parish that exclusively funds the capital campaign.  This commitment is over and above a commitment to the general operations of the parish.  Both commitments are important since the commitment to the general operations covers the cost of the day-to-day operations of running a parish.  



Q: Where is the parish property located?  How was it acquired?

A: The parish property is located on the northeast corner of 167th Street and Ridgeview Road in Olathe, Kansas.  The land was given to St. John Paul II Parish from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.  

Q: When will construction begin? 

A: Permission from the Archdiocese will be needed prior to beginning construction.  The Archdiocese looks to the parish to provide sufficient evidence that the parish can afford to pay for the construction and ongoing maintenance of the property.  Two of the main criteria to begin building include having obtained 100% of the projected building cost committed by the parishioners of St. John Paul II Parish and at least 50% of the funds in our savings account.  


Q: How long will construction take? 

A: It is estimated that construction will take 18 months.  This estimate is contingent on many variables including permits, availability of materials and labor, and weather, among other items. 


Q: Why was the original plan for phase one changed?

A: The unexpected pause in the capital campaign due to COVID19 allowed us time to reassess the needs of the parish and take a closer look at the anticipated growth of our area so that we could determine the best use of our facilities.  Our new analysis did not support the original plan.  Therefore, Fr. Andrew requested permission from Archbishop Naumann to propose an alternative building plan for phase one.  Archbishop Nauman gave permission for St. John Paul II Parish to submit an alternate plan while keeping a school in the master plan.  The building committee is currently working with our architect to develop a plan to submit to the Archbishop.