Protecting God's children is the responsibility of every adult in their life!  But knowing when and how best to communicate dangers in the world is unique to the development of each individual child.  For this reason, we ask that parents watch the age appropriate video and lead the lessons of the Archdiocesan recommended Protecting God's Children Program with their own child at home.  While these can be helpful in initiating a conversation, nurturing children to "Follow the voice of the Shepherd and to run away from the voice of the stranger" is an ongoing process throughout their entire childhood.  Your child's best protection is to communicate through their words and actions that when things seem off, they have an adult in their life who listens to them and protects them.


Parents read the Program Overview and Program Guide first for an overview of the program. 

Then, choose the appropriate Video/s and Lessons/s for your child/ren


Kindergarten- Grade 5


Grade 6-8


Grades 9-12

If you need any guidance, please contact Sheila Gramling at