Catholic Youth Formation 

The way in which each person is involved in building his or her own future depends on the understanding he or she has of himself or herself and his or her own destiny.

                                                        ~  St. John Paul II 

Catholic Youth Formation (CYF) 2021-2022

We will be implementing the Faith and Life curriculum from Ignatius Press in our overall approach to formation for our Parish. This first year we will be utilizing this curriculum for those who will be receiving Sacraments, 1st and 2nd grades for Reconciliation and First Communion and 7th and 8th grade for Confirmation.


Parents with children in grades 3-6 this year are invited and encouraged to make use of the Faith & Life series at home. Please contact the parish office for more information!


Next year (2022-2023) we intend to have all children K-8 onsite. 

The Catholic Youth Formation program at Saint John Paul II Parish is intended for those attending public school, who are not receiving religious education in preparation for receiving Sacraments. Those who attend Catholic School need only to participate in specific events through our parish, such as retreats, parent meetings, and so forth.


The Catholic Youth Formation Program is also open to homeschooling families, but is not required. If your children are at the age of receiving sacraments (First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation) and not registering for CYF classes, then one or both parents and their children must meet with the Director of Formation periodically throughout the year leading up to receiving a sacrament.


For more information, please contact

CYF 2021-2022 Program Overview

The OFFICIAL start date of CYF classes will be October 17th (Sunday) and October 20th (Wednesday). Classes will meet in person once we are able to meet at the Southside location! The address is: 18335 W. 168th Terrace Olathe, Kansas 66062. 


Arrival and Dismissal for CYF Classes

On Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and evenings, students are asked to gather in the main gathering space downstairs, until Catechists or the Associate Director of Formation gather them into their classrooms. This allows teachers time to prepare their classrooms. Please remain with your kids if no other adults are present.


When you enter go to the Office entrance, not the entrance to the worship space. Then you will walk downstairs. On the first day of class, we will all gather downstairs at the start time of classes to walk everyone through the building. Please plan to be present at the beginning of class for the first day of classes. 

At the end of class, Catechists and the Director of Formation will walk their class upstairs and wait with students outside the building to be picked up. If their is inclement weather, we will wait with them indoors and parents will come in to pick them up.

The class schedule for CYF classes are as follows:

 For 1st and 2nd grade students will meet on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am-12:30pm. 

 For 7th and 8th grade students will meet either on Sunday from 6-7:30pm or Wednesday night from 6-7:30pm. 


There will be a registration fee for our program. The fee helps our program afford the materials necessary for the entirety of the program to function which includes, but is not limited to, student books, catechists manuals, operational costs, retreats  and so much more!


The registration fee for St. John Paul II Parishioners is as follows:

1 Child   $75

2 Children   $125

3 or more Children  $140

For non-parishioners who desire to enroll children in CYF at St. John Paul II Parish:

1 Child   $150

2 Children  $250

3 or more Children  $280

Activity fee for those who attend Catholic School : $35


No child will be denied religious education due to financial constraints. Please contact Father Farrar at 913-747-9636.


Please stay alert for emails regarding these special events that are a part of the overall program! 

Registration is closed.  We need to have all children registered by this time in order to have books ordered and available for the first day of class! If you register after this date, a $15 dollar charge will be added to your registration fee! We are so excited to get the year started and to assist you in the formation of your children on the way of discipleship that Christ calls all to follow!

Important Dates:

Discipleship Presentation: Attendance is required at one of these meetings for both parents of children in CYF classes, and parents of those parishioners who are preparing to receive a sacrament this year, as well as CYF catechists! We are providing child-care at all of these meetings. To sign-up for child-care for these meetings click here.

  Discipleship Presentation Dates: (Updated as of 01/05/2022)

  • Sunday, January 30th at 4pm

First Reconciliation: Thursday, February 17th at 6pm. 

First Holy Communion:  Sunday April 24th at 11am. 

Confirmation: May 12th  2022 at 7pm

CYF 2021-2022 Calendar

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