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Parish Finance Council


An active parish finance council is critical to the sound management of a parish.  For this reason, every parish is required by the Code of Canon Law (Canon 537) to establish a finance council to assist the pastor in the management of the goods of the parish and to ensure accountability to the archdiocesan bishop and parishioners.
The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas requires that every parish have a finance council that meets regularly to:
  1. Review and discuss the budget and management of income and expenditures
  2. Review actual results to budgets
  3. Consult on operating and capital requirements
  4. Monitor the overall financial health of the parish
In the absence of the pastor, the appointed Parochial Administrator is encouraged to consult closely with the members of the finance council.
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  • The pastor, according to canon law, has responsibility for parish financial and temporal management.

  • The finance council is a consultative body that advises the pastor in meeting these obligations.

  • Major activities of the finance council include:

    • Parish annual report to the archdiocese and parish

    • Parish budget

    • Financial review

    • Internal controls

  • Meetings:

    • Meetings should occur at least quarterly but can be more frequently

    • Minutes summarizing items discussed and recommendations made will be recorded by the secretary and retained in accordance with archdiocesan records retention policy.

    • Members must maintain confidentiality on matters designated as confidential.  Reports to the community should be shared once recommendations are finalized.


  • The finance council is appointed by the pastor and membership should consist of generally between 6 and 9 members.

  • The officers of the council include a chairperson and secretary.

  • Members are appointed for 3-year terms.  

  • Parish employees are not members of the finance council; they support the council by preparing reports for the council and answering questions regarding parish programs, accounting, financial reporting, and internal controls.

  • Finance council members should be active members of the parish.  The members should understand and support Catholic teachings and possess the highest integrity.

  • Members should be chosen based on demonstrable skills or expertise in management, finance and/or fundraising. 

Current Finance Council Membership

Questions regarding the finances of the parish can be directed to the pastor, head of operations or a finance council member.
Mark Chandler - Chair
Amy Copeland
Doug Dvorak
Laura Weber
Brock Downey
Mike Korgie
Melissa Hart
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