Thank you for your willingness to get our new facility up and running! Our initial step for this project is to survey parishioner interest. For example, would you like to be involved in planning and coordination, or moving furniture and the initial cleaning of the building, or all three? 


We also want to determine if you would like to work in a specific area of the building and if you have a particular skill that you think would be helpful.


Once we receive your volunteer interests, we will compose corresponding subcommittees. Those interested in planning will then begin to meet and prepare for the improvements soon to begin, as well as for the initial cleaning day(s) and for the day we move in. Those interested in moving furniture and cleaning, but not planning, will be contacted when we have firm dates to clean and move.


"JPII Southside" is located at 18335 W 168th Terrace, and is about 15,000 square feet. The new owners will be flooring and painting the interior of the building. The rest will be left up to us, including cleaning, landscaping, technology and furnishing the building. The more we can coordinate in advance of their vendors' completing their work, the sooner we can move in.

Thanks again for your willingness to help! Please complete the form below.