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The Harvest: How will YOU Live the Gospel this week?

Live the Gospel this Week:

In the First Reading, we hear of a great promise (made around 700 years before the birth of Christ) of the future renewal and restoration of Jerusalem. At the time of this prophecy, the city was on the verge of collapse due to their sin. In fact, the city would soon to be totally destroyed and the people dragged off into exile! However, even though the people had cut themselves off from God, the source of life, God would not abandon them– One day all the scattered peoples of Israel would be gathered together again from among the nations into a New Jerusalem, and be filled with new life! That day begins to dawn in today’s Gospel, when Jesus sends out seventy-two of His disciples into the surrounding areas to start gathering “the harvest” of scattered humanity. The harvest continues today, and the Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, continues to battle against the forces of darkness “who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls” – may we be given the strength and perseverance to courageously labor in the fields of the Lord, rejoicing that our “names are written in heaven.”

Weekly Challenge: This week, make an effort to truly participate in the harvest! Re-read today’s Gospel, and put yourself in the place of the seventy-two as you listen to Jesus’ words. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to one person who needs to hear the Gospel of peace – pray for them, have them over for a meal, invite them to Mass, and be the face of Christ!

Family Mealtime Question: What do you think it means when St. Paul talks about boasting in the cross of Jesus Christ? What are some ways we can boast in the cross?

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