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Mercy: How will YOU live the Gospel?

Live the Gospel this Week

The readings for today speak of the merciful God, who draws near to us even when we have rejected Him in order to bring healing and reconciliation! The parable in today’s Gospel is often interpreted in a merely moral way . we need to love one another like the Samaritan loved the robber’s victim. Although this is true, it is only the surface of this parable’s meaning. St. Augustine looked deeper, and found in this parable the story of our salvation. In his reading, he saw the robber’s victim as Adam, who was beaten and robbed by Satan and left naked in the wilderness. The priest and Levite represented the Old Covenant which was unable to bring full restoration to humanity. Finally, God Himself, who humanity had rejected in their sin, comes to us as Jesus Christ, (represented by a Samaritan, who were enemies of the Jewish people), and rescues humanity from death, bringing them to the inn of the Church and restoring them to new life through the sacraments (oil and wine). This is the Gospel! Is it any wonder that we, as members of the Body of Christ, are called to extend this same mercy to others?

Weekly Challenge: How should we respond to the incredible mercy of God? By allowing that mercy to flow through us to others! This week, reflect on the Spiritual and Corporeal Works of Mercy (found in the Catechism, paragraph 2447) . look for an opportunity to exercise mercy to someone in your life, even if they are a stranger.

Family Mealtime Question: What are some ways you can perform works of mercy in the home?

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