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Hospitality: How will YOU live the Gospel this week?

Live the Gospel this Week:

In a culture of take-out, fast food, and eating in front of the TV, we have largely lost the importance of meals. In ancient times, to invite someone to dine with you was to literally offer them life; to actually participate in their well-being. Hospitality was no mere formality, but represented a true accompaniment on the journey through the wilderness of this world. It is in this context we should approach the Readings for today – Abraham runs to offer his hospitality to the three travelling strangers. Martha and Mary open their home to a travelling teacher, Jesus. In both cases, it is the Lord God, King of the Universe, who is actually their guest! In their acts of just hospitality, they literally fulfill today’s Responsorial Psalm and find themselves living “in the presence of the Lord”! We too are called to love one another, offering life through our hospitality – it is there we will meet our Lord. May we be given the eyes to see Him, and never let our service lead to that anxiety which distracts us form spending time “at His feet” with listening hearts!

Weekly Challenge: In the Second Reading, St. Paul speaks of joining his sufferings to the sufferings of Christ, which have infinite merit. In joining our sufferings to Christ’s, they become redemptive! We actually participate in His redemption of the cosmos! This is only made possible by Baptism, by which we are made members of Christ’s Body, the Church. This week (in the spirit of true hospitality) take note of anything you are currently suffering, and offer it to Christ for the sake of a specific person.

Family Mealtime Question: What are some ways you can offer hospitality to members of your own family?

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