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Live the Gospel with Humility!

Live the Gospel this Week

What does it mean to be truly humble? The Readings today approach this virtue from two directions. First, we are called to lower ourselves, to acknowledge that we were made from the clay of the ground and held in existence at every moment by a loving God (the word humble literally means “close to the soil”). In fact, to be humble means to align ourselves with the reality of who we are – we are dust; but we are also beloved< and have been raised to unimaginable heights, and made coheirs with Christ of the kingdom of God! Which leads to the second lesson on humility from today’s Readings: just as we have been lifted out of our lowliness and made sons and daughters of God through baptism, we are now called to imitate our Father, lifting up the lowly among us with a generous love that expects nothing in return. Let us pray for the grace to love as Christ loved, and allow God to make “a home for the poor” in our hearts and lives (Psalm 68)!

Weekly Challenge

This week, reflect on the generosity of God in your own life. Seek out someone you know who is in need and imitate the divine love and generosity you have received! Invite them over for dinner, give them an anonymous donation, or just spend time supporting them in some way.

Family Mealtime Question

Who do you know who is a great example of humility? What are some ways you can practice humility in the home this week?

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