What is Resound?

The word “catechesis” literally means “to resound” – to echo the voice. True catechesis takes place when we listen to the voice of Christ resounding in His Church via Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. The Catechism of the Catholic Church trains us to listen to Christ’s voice, allowing Him to encounter us, heal us, transform us, and send us into the world to be His witnesses.


Resound is a regular weekly gathering in which we move slowly through each paragraph of the Catechism, pausing for reflection, questions, and discussion. Sessions are taught by Curtis Keddy, our Director of Liturgy and Formation. 

Spring 2021 Schedule

We meet EVERY Wednesday, from 7:00-8:15 PM


(15885 S Black Bob Rd., Olathe)

Although we will steadily progress through the Catechism, each night is treated as a stand-alone. If you miss one you will not fall behind! Come when you can. 

We will NOT meet on: 

May 5

June 2

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