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Stock & Security Gifts

Direct gifts of stock are simple and, as compared with a gift of cash, are often advantageous from the donor’s perspective. Donors can make an immediate outright gift of stock or use stock to fund a more sophisticated planned gift, like a gift annuity.

Appreciated Stock

With stock that has appreciated in value, the donor must give the stock directly to the parish to realize these benefits. If the donor sells the stock and subsequently gives the proceeds to the parish, he or she will be responsible for paying a capital gains tax on the profit.

Depreciated Stock
With stock that has depreciated in value (i.e., stock whose value is less than its original cost to the donor), the optimal charitable gift process is reversed. The donor should sell the stock first and then donate the proceeds. This way, the donor can derive the income tax benefit of the capital loss.

Donation Process
The donor instructs his or her own investment advisor or broker to transfer the desired shares of stock to the Archdiocesan brokerage account and designates Saint John Paul II Parish to be the beneficiary of the gift. The Archdiocese will provide the donor or the donor’s advisor with the relevant information concerning its brokerage account. Upon receipt of the stock, the Archdiocese will credit the gift to the account of Saint John Paul II Parish.

Please reference the following link during the donation process: 
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