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Encountering Christ in one another by Twinning

As part of Archbishop Naumann's Shared Vision initiatives, we have joined together with Holy Name of Jesus parish in Kansas City, KS, as an international partnership to engage in projects of mercy and support in order to better encounter Christ in one another.
Twinning - What is it?
Twinning is an idea emerging from sister-parish partnerships like the ones formed between parishes in the United States and the developing world. Archdiocesan twinning has one important difference. The focus is not one of financial patronage, but rather relationships. You don't have to travel abroad to encounter Christ, simply visit another Kansas ZIP code!
Collaborative parishes seek to be good stewards of spiritual, human and financial resources. They seek to avoid unnecessary duplication of resources, and fill in ministry gaps where needed services are not currently available. Large parishes with ample resources or parishes with unique needs and ministries often suggest the collaborative model to enhance what they are already doing, develop new ministries which they cannot do alone, or which will be more effective if done with other parishes by sharing best practices.
Twinned Collaborations between JP2 & Holy Name
  • 2019 iGive Catholic funds for upgraded school security technology
  • St. Mary's Food Kitchen
  • Contributing to a new boiler 
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